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Strawberry Jam 500g


Strawblue Jam ( Mixture of 70% strawberry & 30 % Blueberry Jam) 500g


Watermelon Jam Smooth 500g


Watermelon Preserve 500g


Strawberry Diabetic Jam 150g


Strawberry Diabetic Jam 350g


Pomegranate Jam 350g


Apricot Jam 500g


Grape Jam 500g


Green Fig Preserve 500g


Peach & Granadilla Jam 500g


Peach Jam 500g


Plum Jam 500g


Yellow Plum & Granadilla Jam 500g


Red Plum 500g


Strawplum Jam (Mixture of 50% strawberry & 50% plum jam 500g


Ripe Fig Jam 500g


Tomato Jam 500g


Tomato Jam with onion & chillies 500g


Marmelade 350g


Watermelon Jam with Granadilla Pulp 500g

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